Biowellcome acquired with its customers a commitment that ensures that all products served enjoy the highest quality , it implemented for all internal and external systems to so certify .

Additional Information

2013.0487 food alert to the presence of dioxins in Belgium tocopherols made ​​from raw materials from China, Biowellcome , S.L. , certifies that all its products comply scrupulously with the law 1259/2011 concerning the maximum level for dioxins . Also, Biowellcome , S.L. guarantees that the raw materials used in the production process and manufacture of its tocopherols , in any case come from China.


Most of the products are certified Kosher Biowellcome S.L. endorsed by the competent authority through annual audits.

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Sanitary registration

The company Biowellcome S.L. , has been registered since the beginning of its activity in the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs as authorized company for the manufacture and packaging of additives with the number 31.01706 / TO .