Dear customers and suppliers,

Taking into account the global situation of COVID-19 and following the recommendations from the Ministry of Health and the Government of Spain, from BIOWELLCOME, S.L we want to let you know that we have adopted different measures to safeguard the health of our employees, clients and collaborators.

We have established an action plan in the area of occupational risk prevention, safety and health, attending to the alert level established by the authorities and adjusted to the company's activity.



Specifica measures for employees:

- Maintain the safety distance (1 m).

- Use of disposable gloves and masks at all times.

- Constant and permanent work of disinfecting materials, machines, etc.


Specific measures for loading and unloading of goods

- The carrier must enable the truck to load / unload merchandise so that it remains inside the box or cabin of the truck.

- Loading / unloading will be carried out by a Biowellcome worker who must wear single-use gloves and a mask.

- If the presence of the carrier is necessary, he will be provided with gloves and the safety distance (1 meter) between the carrier and the worker who performs the loading / unloading will be respected.

- The documentation will be delivered to the carrier without the need for him to leave the interior of the truck.

- The entry of non-company personnel into the facilities is not allowed, beyond the place authorized for loading and unloading.

These measures may be modified and adapted as the alarm situation progresses.

We hope that with the help of everyone, this exceptional moment we live in will be the least harmful for everyone and will not last over time.

Best regards